Subnational Constitutions and Federalism: Design & Reform

The Center for State Constitutional Studies conducted a conference on "Subnational Constitutions and Federalism: Design & Reform" on March 22-27, 2004, at the Rockefeller Foundation's conference site in Bellagio, Italy. Attending the conference were authors who participated in the Center's "State Constitutions for the Twenty-first Century" project, together with representatives from ten other federal democracies. The agenda for the conference is listed below.

Papers associated with this conference.

March 23 Session 1 Rights Guarantees and Subnational Constitutions
Robert Williams, USA
Ted Morton, Canada
  Session 2 Federalism, Minorities, and Rights
John White, USA
Josef Marko, Austria
  Session 3 Subnational Constitutionalism and Quasi-Constitutionalism in Systems in Transition
Tsegaye Regassa, Ethiopia
Beniamino Caravita, Italy
Luis Moreno, Spain
March 24 Session 1 The Legislative Branch
Michael Libonati, USA
Antonio Hernandez, Argentina
  Session 2 The Executive Branch
Thad Beyle, USA
Isawa Elaigwu, Nigeria
  Session 3 The Judicial Branch
Alan Tarr, USA
Ulrich Karpen, Germany
March 25 Session 1 Public Policy & Subnational Constitutions
Barton Thompson, USA
Paul Tractenberg, USA
Allan Brewer-Carias, Venezuela
  Session 2 Voting & Elections; Constitutional Change
Gerald Benjamin, USA
James Gardner, USA
Manuel Gonzalez-Oropeza, Mexico
March 26 Session 1 Local Government
Michael Libonati, USA
Marat Salikov, Russia
  Session 2 Taxing, Spending, & Borrowing
Richard Briffault, USA
Celina Souza, Brazil
  Session 3 Future Directions