The Center for State Constitutional Studies gratefully acknowledges the support that its service, research, and education programs have received from Rutgers University, from various private foundations (most notably The Ford Foundation, the Richard J. Hughes Foundation, and the Fund for New Jersey), and from state governmental bodies, such as the New Jersey Council for the Humanities and the New Jersey Historical Commission.

However, for the Center to continue and expand its important activities, it will require additional support. Through the Rutgers University Foundation, the Center is therefore seeking contributions from the community, from corporations, and from foundations. Individuals may give gifts in the form of stock, bequests, and in-kind donations, as well as traditional monetary contributions. Development Officers at the Rutgers University Foundation are available to discuss different types of contributions and associated tax benefits.

If you are interested in making a contribution to the Center for State Constitutional Studies, please contact:

Drew Kaiden. Senior Associate Vice President for Development. Office Number: 856-225-6324