Subnational Constitutions and Federalism: Design & Reform

The Center for State Constitutional Studies conducted a conference on “Subnational Constitutions and Federalism: Design & Reform” on March 22-27, 2004, at the Rockefeller Foundation’s conference site in Bellagio, Italy. Attending the conference were authors who participated in the Center’s “State Constitutions for the Twenty-first Century” project, together with representatives from ten other federal democracies. The agenda for the conference is listed below.

Papers associated with this conference.


March 23Session 1Rights Guarantees and Subnational Constitutions
Robert Williams, USA
Ted Morton, Canada
Session 2Federalism, Minorities, and Rights
John White, USA
Josef Marko, Austria
Session 3Subnational Constitutionalism and Quasi-Constitutionalism in Systems in Transition
Tsegaye Regassa, Ethiopia
Beniamino Caravita, Italy
Luis Moreno, Spain
March 24Session 1The Legislative Branch
Michael Libonati, USA
Antonio Hernandez, Argentina
Session 2The Executive Branch
Thad Beyle, USA
Isawa Elaigwu, Nigeria
Session 3The Judicial Branch
Alan Tarr, USA
Ulrich Karpen, Germany
March 25Session 1Public Policy & Subnational Constitutions
Barton Thompson, USA
Paul Tractenberg, USA
Allan Brewer-Carias, Venezuela
Session 2Voting & Elections; Constitutional Change
Gerald Benjamin, USA
James Gardner, USA
Manuel Gonzalez-Oropeza, Mexico
March 26Session 1Local Government
Michael Libonati, USA
Marat Salikov, Russia
Session 2Taxing, Spending, & Borrowing
Richard Briffault, USA
Celina Souza, Brazil
Session 3Future Directions