Subnational Constitutions and Federalism: Design & Reform Papers

The following list of papers are in pdf format.

Formal State Constitutional Change Processes
Gerald Benjamin

The Executive Branch in U.S. State Constitutions
Thad Beyle

Some Problems Of The Centralized Federation And Sub National Constitutionalism In Venezuela
Allan R. Brewer-Carías

The Fiscal Provisions Of American State Constitutions
Richard Briffault

Italy: toward a federal state? Recent constitutional developments in Italy
Beniamino Caravita

Structuring The Political Process Under American State Constitutions
James A. Gardner

Consideration Of Subnational Constitutions In Argentina
By Antonio M. Hernandez

Subnational Constitutionalism in Germany
Ulrich Karpen, University of Hamburg

The Legislative Branch
Michael E. Libonati

Local Government
Michael E. Libonati

Federalism, Sub-national Constitutionalism, and the Protection of Minorities
Joseph Marko/Austria

Subnational Constitutionalism in Spain
Luis Moreno

Provincial Constitutions in Canada
F.L. Morton

Federalism and Sub national Constitutions: Design and Reform. Mexico
Manuel González Oropeza

State Constitutions in Federal Ethiopia: A Preliminary Observation
Tsegaye Regassa / Addis Ababa

The Russian Federal System: Sub-National and Local Levels
Marat Salikov / Russia

Subnational constitutionalism in Brazil: Taxing, spending, and borrowing
Celina Souza

The State Judicial Article
G. Alan Tarr

Education Provisions in State Constitutions: A Summary of a Chapter for the State Constitutions for the Twenty-First Century Project
Paul L. Tractenberg

Federalism and the Challenge for Human and Civil Rights
John Valery White

American State Constitutional Law
Robert F. Williams

Future Directions Comparative Subnational Constitutional Law
Robert F. Williams